“Meet” without a meeting.

Replace repetitive, in-person meetings with a collaborative series that every team member can contribute to.

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A better way to update your team.

Stop taking precious time away from your team.

Calendar icon Clear your calendar Replace tedious, recurring status meetings with a more flexible way to "meet."
Simple reminders Set up the cadence and Rewatch will remind your team when to add their update.
Easy to catch up Catching up with what's happening has never been easier. Just a swipe up.
Human Series gives your team a more human and authentic way to stay connected.
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One huge benefit of using Rewatch for remote work is being able to consume reality in 33% less time. Rewatch has fundamentally changed the way we work for the better.


Zack Kanter

Founder & CEO

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Useful for all kinds of team updates.

Keep conversations and work moving forward. Without more emails or more meetings.

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Don’t miss the billion dollar idea hidden inside your team.