The simple, all-in-one async video platform

Want to move faster without endless distracting meetings? Rewatch is the flexible asynchronous video platform that frees your team up to do their very best work.

Industry leaders trust Rewatch with their video

Less meeting. More doing.

Rewatch brings all your team’s video knowledge into one place. So teams become less-distracted, more collaborative, and get more done – without the endless meetings.

Reduce meetings, improve team focus

Work together across schedules and time zones—without the wall-to-wall meetings.

Connect your team to your customers

Foster connections across your go-to-market and product teams with more opportunities to see and hear each other.

Supercharge your team with perfect recall

Create a shared company brain with one place for people to find the information they need.

Rewatch is instrumental to the way our engineering organization shares information and knowledge. It’s a key part of our playbook for working better, together, asynchronously.


Kelvin Pham

Dir of Engineering Practices

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Capture and share work as it happens.

Record important meetings

Some meetings still happen, and with Rewatch, recording meetings and videos is a breeze. You can automatically record and share your meetings from Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams

Record your work async

Use our desktop screen recorder or our mobile app to send quick video messages for more expressive, asynchronous communication.

Stay informed and on the same page.

No more digging through wikis, email chains, or chat messages. Rewatch puts the information you need right at your fingertips and keeps you up-to-date on the latest conversations.

Get up to speed in record time.

Whether you’re catching up at the end of the day or the end the week, cruise through past meetings and updates with Rewatch. Watch videos at 2x speed, or just play the highlights.

Move work forward, wherever you work.

Rewatch empowers everyone to contribute, no matter when or where they work. Share ideas, discuss feedback, and ask follow-up questions—with all the context you need right there.

By having all our meetings and videos in Rewatch, everyone can see where the vision is going and where we’re pivoting—and we can truly align the whole company.


Dana Stocking

Workplace Manager

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Connected with the way you work.

Rewatch integrates with the tools you use. Spend less time managing your videos and more time getting value from them.

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Built to keep your data safe and secure.

Get enterprise-grade security, visibility, and controls with Rewatch.

Security at Rewatch
  • Data protection

    To keep your data safe, Rewatch encrypts all data at rest and in-transit and adheres to strict standards for data privacy and security.

  • Identity management

    Easily control user access and deploy Rewatch across your entire company with support for single sign-on and automated provisioning.

  • Information governance

    Manage your company’s data with powerful and flexible admin tools, including global retention policies, audit logs, and granular permissions.

Unite your team, from wherever they work.

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