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Bella Potter
I just updated the sales playbook I'll share my screen and dive into Salesify to show how this all works.
New comment
Courtney Chuang
This sounds great, Bella! I'm excited to try out your new playbook. Earlier this week, @tompowers met with some new leads and we can test this out with them.

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Swap more meetings for better teamwork. By bringing your meetings and projects into Rewatch, your team can share ideas, leave feedback, and make decisions asynchronously. Coordinate your work, not time zones and schedules.

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Aligning your team shouldn’t require a scavenger hunt for information. Whether it’s highlights from last January's company all-hands or yesterday's product demo, Rewatch makes it fast and easy for your team to get context they need—so priorities are clear and work stays focused.

7 videos found for "Q3 Goals"

For marketing, our Q3 goals will be...
again, our main Q3 goals focus on...
you can find all of our Q3 goals...
if we look at the Q3 goals here...
The engineering Q3 goals center...
with the Q3 Goals we can...

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GTM strategy

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Q3 growth plan

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Marketing updates

🌴 Cody's weekend
By Cody Daveys
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👋 Meet Jess
By Jess Perkins
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Build a connected company culture.

Bring everyone together even when you’re apart. Rewatch lets your team quickly record and share videos to welcome new hires, celebrate accomplishments, and update each other about work and life outside of it.

Stay close to your customers.

Customers are your company’s heartbeat. But the bigger your team gets, the harder it is to stay close. Rewatch keeps their voices heard across your company, so your team can build better product—and sell more of it, too.

Customer call
By Betty Santos
Betty Santos
Acme had a great #featurerequest in our call today. They suggested we use markdown instead of JSON.
New video with #featurerequest
5mins ago

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