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Rewatch saves your team time, improves performance measurement, and ensures your database’s accuracy by automatically recording, logging, and linking all calls in your Salesforce database.

Rewatch’s Salesforce integration works seamlessly with your meeting calendar and your CRM. Once you’ve synced your calendar with Rewatch — the first step when onboarding to our platform — your Sales calls are automatically recorded.

When integrated with Salesforce, Rewatch then automatically creates a task in a customer record that links each call. Sales reps, plus anyone on the team with access to Salesforce, can then easily see that the call took place and access the recording, AI-generated summary, and transcript. This creates a seamless, yet powerful step in the Sales process and your organization’s conversation intelligence.

How to set it up

Rewatch admins can set up and connect their Salesforce workspace in their channel's admin console under the "Integrations" section.

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