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Import videos

With Rewatch, you can import videos from a variety of products, making it easier than ever before to keep all your video content in one place.

Whether you're working with videos from your phone, your computer, or other tools, Rewatch seamlessly imports and catalogs all your team’s content in a centralized and searchable video knowledge base.

You can upload files directly from your device, connect to cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive, or even import videos from other async collaboration platforms like Loom.

This ability gives you more flexibility and control over your content, allowing you to streamline your workflow in the process. By enabling your teams to connect and collaborate across time zones with effortless knowledge capture, centralized video wiki, and AI-driven summaries, Rewatch saves you time and money from endemic misalignment.

To try this feature for yourself, chat with our sales team.

Supported tools:

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