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Google Meet

Easily record and upload your Google Meet meetings to Rewatch, where they can be organized, shared, and enhanced with our AI tools.

Automatically record meetings with our AI meeting assistant

Rewatch Recorder serves as your very own AI meeting assistant. It will record meetings, upload the video, and then generate a recap, action items, and transcript.

By integrating your calendar with Rewatch, you can easily control how Rewatch joins a Google Meet:

Schedule the Recorder to join. In your Meetings tab, you can toggle on and off recording permissions for each meeting on your calendar.

Automate recording preferences. We’ve pre-built two Automations so that, with just one click, you can turn on automatic recording for all internal and/or external meetings.

Invite Recorder to live meetings. If you forget to schedule the Recorder in advance, you can easily invite it to a meeting using the meeting link.

How to set it up

In order to use Rewatch Recorder with Google Meet, you need to connect your calendar. Rewatch currently supports Google and Outlook calendars.

Want to connect another conferencing platform?

Zoom integration

Microsoft Teams integration