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Embed thumbnails

With Rewatch, you can embed video thumbnails in a variety of different products your team already knows and loves, making it easier than ever before to share your videos with others. Whether you're looking to showcase your latest all hands, product demo, training video, or anything in between, Rewatch has got you covered.

Rewatch enables you to embed your video thumbnails in a variety of different products, including your Gmail, GitHub, Notion, and more. By seamlessly integrating into your team's existing tooling and workflows, Rewatch empowers organizations to efficiently organize, surface, and share insights cross-functionally — regardless of company size or tech stack complexity.

By doing so, you can give your audience a sneak peek into what your videos are all about, in their preferred tool for receiving relevant information, making it more likely that they'll click through to watch the full content.

To try this feature for yourself, chat with our sales team.

Supported tools:

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